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    production advancement in our Dietary supplements production plant:

  1. The annual capacity is large. The capacity is 1 billion units annually in the 1st phase, and it can be 8 billion after completion.
  2. Manufacturing facilities are designed to meet the grade D clean environments (Class 100,000 clean area).
  3. One-click automatic batching and peptization system with CIP, which can achieve full airtight feeding of large packaging materials.
  4. We have the world's leading high speed PHARMAGEL soft gel capsule machine, online double deck cage and US SYMTIX checking pills machine to realize the automatic integrated line manufacturing.
  5. Pharmapack full-automatic vital packaging line.
  6. Achieve terminal preparation production with ZMCs great dietary supplements materials.
  7. Adopt ZMCs good production quality system to ensure dietary supplements high quality.

    We can offer various types of soft capsules:

  1. Formulations of oily liquid or suspension
  2. Enteric coating capsules
  3. Vegetable soft capsules

    Soft capsules shape and size can be customized according to customers requirements. Moreover, Novus introduced an advanced full-automatic packaging line to meet various packaging demands, such as bottles, boxes and blister packing.

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