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Aseptic Spray Drying(ASD) Technology

Sterile powder platform uses full-airtight aseptic drying process, such as aseptic spray drying and aseptic spray freeze drying.
Create a new process to transfer aseptic powder under non-sterile environment.   
Sterile powder filling will be done in the isolator by using advance technology instead of traditional freeze-drying technology.
The final products’ specifications produced by using this technology are flexible compared with traditional freeze-drying process, and the production can realize continuous production.
The technology has the advantages of high productivity and full-airtight, which can be used to various thermally sensitive products’ drying, such as antibiotics and Mono clonal Anti bodies (McAb).
The freezing and heating speeds of this technology are fast, and can be used for continuous production, and it is suitable for all kinds of thermally sensitive products’ drying.
The technology is suitable for all products which are produced by using traditional   freeze-drying process, and this new process can greatly reduce products’ manufacturing costs.

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